Thanksgiving: I drove home to Frederick to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my family. Not a super pleasant trip, because it was raining literally the whole way, but it didn't take too much longer even given that and the massive number of cars on the road. I've decided, though, that people as a whole get more stupid when they drive in rain and/or traffic. I mean, really - everyone is trying to get to the same place, why do you need to drive on the shoulder?

Since Katie had to be at work at 3:30 this morning, I'm babysitting Jacob. We picked up some Starbucks, then visited Katie (after noon, when things had calmed down considerably). Tonight I'm making dinner, and probably watching Jacob again Saturday morning/afternoon. Then, in the evening my parents and I are going to the Container Store. Then, back home on Sunday night!

Find your spot: Ever tried this site? is this neat little online quiz where you answer all these questions, and it recommends the best places for you to live given your answers. It's pretty comprehensive, as you answer questions about everything from the climate to the size of a city, to whether you like large hospitals nearby. I completed it several years ago, before I ever thought about moving to southeastern Virginia, but I looked up my results recently:

1 - Norfolk
9 - Chesapeake/VA Beach
13 - Hampton

Guess I've found my spot! (insert cheesy grin here)
Firefox: Just got to say, I love the new Firefox. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the way to customize it (still exploring), but my very favorite thing is the built-in spell checker. Now I don't have to remember to spell check my blog posts and emails.