2013 goals.

It’s February 2, and I’m just now getting around to finalizing and posting my goals for this year. Hopefully this isn’t indicative of how likely I am to get them done.

Honestly, I had a harder time than usual with this year’s list. It was both hard to narrow down what I wanted to focus on, and yet to ensure that my list represented many of the things that were most important to me. So here we go – 15 things that run the gamut from house goals to the spiritual to financial, from serious to simple, from quick and easy to more involved.

  1. Go camping
  2. Read 5 non-fiction books
  3. Read through 5 YouVersion Bible reading plans
  4. Sew something
  5. Grill something
  6. Use coupons with groceries for one month
  7. Tile something
  8. Build a new piece of furniture
  9. Finish the dining room gallery wall
  10. Do something that scares me
  11. Try 25 new recipes
  12. Identify 10 life-giving friends/family members and write them a letter
  13. Take a yoga class
  14. Start an herb garden
  15. Try 6 new restaurants in downtown Frederick

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