Festival: It's Sunday, and our community festival is over. It was a good day and the event went really well, but by the time it was over, I was so tired. I think I slept for 11 hours last night, and today I'm taking it easy and spending all day at home.

Political Ads: I am so sick of political ads, that I really don't want to vote for any of the candidates. Right now, I'm watching the second commercial break with at least three ads. I can't wait for November 7 to be over.
T-3 days: The festival is in just three short days, less if you consider the time I'm writing this (no wonder I have such a hard time getting to work on time in the morning). Nick and I met to go over the last minute details - what's left to be done, what things we need to communicate to the group tomorrow night, etc. I'm amazed at how little there really is - I expected to be overwhelmed and absolutely frantic by now. But, we've covered everything we can think of. I'm sure there are things that will crop up, but there's not much point worrying about what I don't know. I've been over all the parts to the festival in my head several times, walking through each piece and trying to capture the little things - trash bags for the food tent, posts to actually hang the signs being created, the benefits of handing out bags at the registration table vs. the Bridge Church table.

One thing I will say - I knew this type of thing would involve a ton of little details, and I wonder sometimes if others know just how many it includes. But I've really enjoyed the process - I could see myself doing event planning someday, as a side business. Though it might need to be something that I was personally invested in, in order to be interesting.

Another thing - thank goodness Nick has the amount of available time during the week that he does. He's busy, I know that, but trying to remember to make the phone calls that I need to while I'm in the middle of the workday is just a general pain.

Cooking: I've been on this cooking kick lately, which means that most people in my life are guinea pigs. I've even been trying new stuff on my own, which is not a common thing. No real flops yet, though there are couple things that I haven't enjoyed so much myself. I think its more of an issue of personal taste than anything else.

I made these Lasagna Rolls tonight, and they were so good! I think I would use it more for entertaining than just for me, because it's a lot of hands-on prep time and a lot of dishes just for me. I'd love to make it for Mom and my sisters sometime, if there's ever an opportunity for that when Dad isn't eating with us (he wouldn't eat it, because he doesn't like spinach).
Friends: My friend Kate is visiting this weekend from Delaware (Dela-where?). It's fun to have her visit, because I don't need to plan anything ahead of time. We just slept in yesterday, and did whatever we wanted when we woke up. This morning we're checking out a church service I've been wanting to go to, then I'm not really sure what we're doing after that.

Festival: Our first annual Bridge Community Festival is less than a week away, and I think we're probably moving through the things to do pretty well. I need to spend some time this week brainstorming and making sure that we've got all of the small details covered. The biggest thing we need at this point is help - there's enough to do that we'll be going nuts if we're all doing it ourselves.

I'm excited about it, but also a little nervous. It's a huge undertaking.
Hockey: I went to a hockey game tonight. The very first game I ever went to was while I was in college, and the only thing I really remember about it is the disappointment that there were no fights. Well, there were some good ones tonight!

Work: Work has been absolutely ridiculous, not because it's been busy - just the opposite. Because of contract and security issues, I've been virtually unable to work for the past two weeks. I could read and send email, and I could access most websites - except the one I needed to do all of my work. We finally got things straightened out at the end of the day Friday, so Monday should be much better.