Homecoming, part 2

It's been almost a week since Homecoming, and I still haven't followed up on my first post about it.

It's somewhat weird to go back to a place you haven't been in four years, and feel like you're such a different person than you were then. It's also weird to go to your class reunion, where the vast majority of people are married and have babies, and be one of only a handful who are unattached.

So I hung out with people I've seen a couple times since leaving school and leaving Chicago, and reconnected with several that I'd completely lost touch with. And, got to meet the significant others of a few friends.

I also realized something important about friendships. I think it's really true that there are some people who are only in our lives for a short while, and that's okay.

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  1. "...and that's okay." -- As long as that person isn't me (Laura). I do agree with that statement mostly because that is the only way I can live with myself for not keeping up with EVERYONE.


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