using what i have.

In the two and half weeks in between finding out I would be getting laid off, and accepting a job offer with CBN, I went on a complete spending freeze - not spending any money I didn't have to. I still wanted to make stuff and be creative, so I finally (after three years) started exploring all of the wood scraps in the loft above my garage.

Here's one of the first projects:

Can you tell what it is? Its kind of a long box (you can see it filled in the photo below). I saw something like this once before (I have no idea where) and have wanted one for the long time, but I never saw it for a price I was willing to pay. So I made one myself.

I cut down pieces of wood that I could using my miter saw and a borrowed jig saw, then worked with Victor in his workshop to cut everything else and assemble it together (much easier with a nail gun). The only money I spent was for the thin wood pieces on the bottom - we added them to keep the sides from bowing in, and provide more support for the bottom. All four sides and the main bottom piece were from my loft.

I love how versatile this is, and I have lots of plans for fun things to add. Soon, I'll exchange the summery candles for silver painted pumpkins.

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  1. Wow! You did a great job with that looks like a centerpiece from Pottery Barn or something. :) I can't tell what you used as "filler" in that one photo, but sand or river rocks would be fun in the summer. Great project! Visiting from Kimba's party. :)

  2. Love it! Looks very high end and super cool. Great job!

  3. Nice job using up scrap wood; really nice candle holder!

  4. Very nice! What a versatile idea for a centerpiece. thanks for linking up to Trash to Treasure tuesday!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. wanted to answer your question about the flex wire...the pattern called for .014 flex wire. I had .015 bead stringing wire on hand with "good" flexibility marked on it. (It's what I use for most of my necklaces). It's the nylon coated stainless steel wire that you can get at any store that sells beading stuff (walmart, michaels, etc). It just needs to be thin enough for the seed beads to fit you like my LONG answer:)

    By the way...that box looks great...I have always liked those candle holders, but never want to spend the money either!

  6. Very nice! It looks great! Right out of a catalog!


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