i forgot about these things.

These are the things that are different in my new working life, that I'm still getting used to:

  • I get up before the sun comes up. The last time I did that, Mary and I were watching the sun rise over the ocean. The time before that...I have no idea. (Go ahead, laugh, even tease me that I used to sleep in later than the rest of the world - you know you're just jealous).
  • I spend a lot more of my day in the car.
  • Showering and getting dressed first thing in the morning is absolutely important.
  • I have to keep my shoes on during the day. Seriously, my feet are far too used to being bare or in flip-flops - they're adjusting.

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  1. Jonathan O'Neal9/13/09, 4:22 PM

    I remember I would stand at the bottom of the stairs at the old house and play my trombone to try and wake you up. You would not be a happy camper.
    - Jon


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