I'm home, and glad to finally be here. It felt so wonderful to sleep in my own bed last night. Even if I did wake up in the middle of the night and think I was still in Africa.

I'm still processing the things that God taught me, the things he wants to me learn from my time there. I suspect I will be for a while. And unfortunately, I don't have a lot of down-time available to do it, as I'll be driving back to Frederick the day after tomorrow (Friday) for Kelli's graduation party. And of course, in between then and now, there are all the little details that come after a trip - unpacking, laundry, catching up on the things I've missed while I've been away, re-stocking my refrigerator, etc.

Sometimes I think that God gives us an experience because there is something in particular he wants us to do as a result. I'm thinking through some of those possibilities, trying to discern what next step I need to take. To be honest, I kind of expected to have a huge a-ha moment while I was there, where God would clearly speak and tell me to do something big and scary and wonderful. Since he didn't, I'm trying to listen for the still, small voice, even as the noise of "normal life" tries to cloud up my senses.

But sometimes, I think that God gives us an experience just to prepare us for an opportunity that he is sending our way. There really isn't anything to do, any specific next step to take, but instead just a need to be ready for what comes. And so maybe that is what God is doing in me, too.

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