on pursuing a cause.

I picked my college major because I took a programming class in high school and realized I could spend hours working on a project and not know how much time had passed. I figured that was a good sign of a career. That, and I was good at it.

I was content to have a job I liked and that I could do well, one that paid the bills but still left me plenty of time to spend time on the other things I cared about.

But at the same time, I wanted a passion, a cause, even if was outside of my career. I wanted something noble that I could pursue. And although I had an inkling years ago of what it would be, God didn't start revealing my next steps in that area until I stopped looking for a cause and started pursuing him.

The thing I'm realizing, the thing that I've always known to be true but lived as though it wasn't, is that God doesn't want my work, my effort.

He wants me.

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