obedience first.

Last weekend, as I was listening to Nick preach on the foolishness of the cross vs. the wisdom of the world, I was struck by this thought: before we can see God provide, we need to step off the cliff first.

My very good friends Nick and Heather are moving with their family to Asheville, NC, to be part of a team planting a church there (Mission Asheville). They need to raise their support (and haven't yet), but they've put their house on the market, announced their resignation, and have just found a house to rent. God will meet each of their needs, but they jumped first.

I'm sure many people would say they're crazy, but often, before we can see God do something miraculous, we need to be in a place where we NEED him to do something miraculous. David didn't slay Goliath until he first faced him with only a slingshot. Moses stretched out his hand before the waters of the Red Sea parted. Peter didn't walk on water until he stepped out of the boat.

Besides, your perspective is a bit different when you know there's someone there to catch you.

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