looking toward home.

One week from today, I'll be returning home. My time here seems very short. In some ways, I'm ready to go home. I feel like I've done the work I was asked to do here, and that it is time for God to move me on to a new place, with new lessons and new challenges and new ways that he will meet me. And yet, it will be so hard to leave the people that I love here, including these:

I'll be honest - I have no idea what life will look like when I get home. I know for a little while I will live in my sister's basement. I know that I will need to find a job. I know that I will need to find a place to live that is a bit more permanent. For now, though, I'm just looking forward to doing everyday life with my family, and working on being content exactly where he has me.

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  1. Kristy, thanks so much for your investment in Gabon. You have sown well and have reaped a bit of it during your time. When you are away (hopefully not too long!), those of us that are there will have the privilege of reaping more, because you have faithfully sown. Well done sista! We'll miss you greatly. Steve and Alace


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