dining room closet.

This is one of those projects that should have been finished a long, long time ago. In fact, it's been mostly done for a while now, but I haven't written about it because it didn't look pretty and organized yet.

Well, there is enough going on around here, in my house and in my life, that making a closet pretty and organized just isn't at the top of the list. So, here, finally, are pictures.

One area where there really isn't enough storage in this house, is in the kitchen. There's enough room for the basics, but extra things like serving bowls and display items don't really fit. And since there are already two coat closets in the hallway, I decided to turn the coat closet in the dining room into something that works a bit better for my house.

I removed the bi-fold door and the hanging rod and added shelves (made of 3/4-inch MDF, cut to size at Home Depot). I used a simple piece of trim for the front of the shelves, just to finish it off a little.

Someday I might organize it a little more and maybe add a curtain rod to keep it hidden most of the time. And eventually, I'll continue the dining room wall color up the stairs, but I don't want to think about painting that for a while.

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