I’m a huge fan of Stargate. I like the movie, and I love the TV shows (Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis). Everyone has their guilty pleasures, I guess, and this is mine. In fact, if I only watch 2 hours of TV a week (which happens only at Young Life camp, where I don’t have access to a TV for that long), this is what I watch. And if my parents didn’t have Tivo and I didn’t know they were saving the weekly episodes for me, I’d actually bother to record them on my VCR.

This is a geeky thing about me, I realize. Science fiction fans tend to be a rare breed, anyway, especially those who become convinced that the characters and storylines are real life. And I don’t know that I would even classify myself as a science fiction fan, because (1) the only other sci-fi thing I get into is Star Trek (and not even all of those) and (2) Stargate is arguably not science fiction, since it takes place in current time. (Any sci-fi fans out there, I realize this is a lame and probably wholly inaccurate argument).

I say this as proof that I’m not extreme – I don’t go to Stargate conventions, I don’t own a Star Trek uniform (though I do know someone who does), and I am very aware that this stuff isn’t real life. Still, every time I see Christoper Chulack’s credit as an executive producer for E.R., I’m reminding of Stargate, because actor Christopher Judge plays one of the lead characters, Teal’c, and Teal’c (the character) is from a planet called Chulak. That’s weird.

And to prove this is somehow genetic? My 15-year-old brother swore for the longest time that our nephew’s first word was “naquadah”.

There, my inner geekiness exposed. Though given that this is about as bad as it gets, I can handle that.

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