The thrill of generosity

I'm learning what it means to be generous.

It's always something that I thought I would do later - when I paid off this or that, when I made more money, etc. And to some degree, there's truth there - when you live paycheck to paycheck and up to your ears in debt, it doesn't leave much room for generosity.

That said, I believe it's possible to be generous in every circumstance. If you're fighting your way out of debt or barely scraping by, even giving a small amount can be generous. And there are more things to be generous with, too - such as your time and your talents.

Plus, giving is a reminder that it's not really all about us, anyway. No matter how bleak things may look financially, there are others in greater need than we are. And for those of us that believe in God and that all money, even the ability to make money, is a gift from Him, it's an expression of gratitude to a God who has blessed us beyond what we deserve.

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  1. And don't forget how letting someone merge in front of you while driving can really make that person's day :)


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