how to keep ribbon from fraying.

One of things I managed to accomplish last week that was not related to work was creating invitations for an upcoming party. I use ribbon a lot in creating invitations because it delivers a big impact without a lot of work. I also use ribbon when I wrap gifts - not the plastic stuff especially for wrapping gifts, but the real fabric stuff.

The problem is, the real stuff frays. I know there are things you can buy to stop it, but I found a super easy trick online that didn't involve me actually buying anything - I burn it. I just used one of those lighters most people use for candles, and held the ribbon up near the flame for a second or so. It took a few tries to get the hang of it, to learn exactly how close and how long to hold the flame, but once I did - so easy!

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Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy watching TV and eating room service from the a big king-size bed in a southern California hotel room. And occasionally glancing out the window to the harbor and the sailboats lit up with Christmas lights.


  1. I can see myself setting the entire gift on fire, I'm such a klutz. But those frays are just maddening! Okay, I'll give it a go.

  2. I make hairbows and I use clear nail polish or fray check to seal the ends. At least that way, I won't burn my little fingers!


    PS Come on over to my WFMW for some cookie recipes!

  3. I use a wood burning tool. It keeps the edge straight and seals it without leaving any marks or hard edges.

  4. I never would've thought of this! Great tip. I'm going to have to try this. :)

  5. Hey, that's a great tip - I also use fabric ribbon a LOT for wrapping gifts. Often times at AC Moore (a craft store) they sell their ribbon remnants in a good sized bag for like a dollar or two and they are the perfect size for most gifts.


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