so glad to be home.

I can't tell you how glad I am to be home.

I had a wonderful Christmas. We ate breakfast together as a family, then opened some presents in the morning. After Mom, Dad, and Jon went home to get ready for the family Christmas dinner and the kids left to spend time with their other parents, Katie, Kelli, Vince and I retreated to our own corners of her house for a long and wonderful nap. Then we spent the evening at my mom's house for Christmas dinner. It was fun and lovely and not at all frantic, at least not too much of it, so is a pretty major victory when we're coordinating between so many people.

Saturday night we threw my mom a surprise party to celebrate her 60th birthday - turns out she knew we were planning something, but had no idea when or how big it would be. There was a huge turn-out, and she loved it.

My sister and brother took a ton of photos, so I'm hoping to post some later, once they send them to me. Unfortunately, my camera battery died nearly as soon as I arrived in Frederick, and I didn't bring my charger with me.

On the way home yesterday, I heard this song (How Many Kings by Downhere) on the radio and actually listened to all the words for the first time:

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