i am small.

After a busy few weeks, I'm finally home and getting back to my regular schedule (if there is such a thing). I wrote the following while traveling for work, and have only recently had the chance to take the photo to go with the post:

I'm in Ventura, CA on business, and for the first time on a trip out here, I actually have down time. I so wish I had brought my camera with me.

I love the ocean. I love looking out at it and seeing nothing beyond it, just the sky meeting the water, and knowing that there is still miles and miles of it that I can't see.

It makes me feel small, which is a good thing, because I really spend so much of my life acting like I'm big.

I saw this rock on the beach, and thought it was beautiful. When I got home, I wrote myself a little reminder on the back.

I am small.
The ocean is big.
God is bigger.

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