master bedroom update (in progress).

Welcome to my new master bedroom! Its not done, yet, but that will have to wait for now, because I'm busy trying to get things ready for a work trip next week. (See the before pictures here.)

And besides, when it comes to decorating, I don't think I'm ever really done.

Even so, let me take you on a tour of what I have finished.

I love the new paint color. I picked it up for $5 at Home Depot (it was oops paint) probably a year ago, and it goes so well with so many of the things I've been buying for this room over the years.

Yes, I said years.

Above you can see the dresser that I painted, several weeks ago. I used to store my jewelry in this organizer hanging above the dresser, but I think I want to change that up a bit (I was inspired by this version of the same thing at Centsational Girl).

The new "headboard" is one of my two favorite things in here. These are old wooden shutters I picked up at a yard sale a year ago, and I've been storing them trying to figure out what to do with them ever since. I thought about jewelry storage, displaying photos...but in a sudden inspiration last week, decided to paint them black and attach them directly to the wall (my friend Victor did the actual attaching-to-the-wall part).

I'd still like to replace that nightstand with something more substantial.

This is my other favorite thing - these old windows. I picked these up from a neighbor probably two years ago now, and they've been sitting in my garage ever since. So, this weekend, I took them out, cleaned them off, and gave them a fresh coat of white spray paint.

This corner still needs some work. I have window treatments for the windows that I bought from Ikea - just need to get the panels out and hemmed, so I can hang them. I started the process of painting the dresser on the right (that's why the drawers are missing, because I got those painted, just not the dresser itself).

There are a couple things sitting on the dresser and little side table that still need to be hung on the wall (and in the case of the surfboard print, framed).

Another shot of the windows, because did I mention that they're one of my favorite things in here? I have a bunch of ideas on how to decorate them - I've got a great Beach House sign that I want to hang on the top one, and some smaller postcards and other things to add.

All that's coming later.

In the meantime, since this includes several trash-to-treasure projects, I'm linking up to Trash To Treasure Tuesday at Reinvented.


  1. Fabulous changes you've made! I love the wall color too, hard to believe that was someone's "oops!" The old windows are wonderful, I'd love to find some of those. Thanks for linking up!

  2. The room looks great,I like the blue with the white and black accents.Have a great day!

  3. I love oops paint. That color is really pretty too. The windows and the shutter headboard are really cool. It's looking really good!

  4. I can't believe that paint is from the oops section! I never get that lucky!


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