the lettered cottage.

I've mentioned before that I read a lot of blogs. One of my favorites is The Lettered Cottage.

Layla and Kevin are totally redoing their cottage, top to bottom, and I love so many of the things they've done. Their kitchen is gorgeous, and their reading room makes me actually wish for a small room so I can do the same thing. And when I read about her idea for a transom window, I quite literally got up and walked into my hallway (i.e. the hallway of many doors) to see it would make sense in my house (I don't think it will).

But my absolute favorite thing about them is that they hadn't even used power tools until a couple of years ago. I love stories like that, because it gives me courage to try bold things with my house. (And not just mine - wait until you see how Heather and I are busting out the girl power in her dining room next weekend).

Anyway, so here's what I'm really excited about...

A few weeks ago, Heather (a producer for the 700 Club) and I were talking about a segment she wanted to do. She wanted to have a home renovation bloggers come in and completely redo a room, on a budget. I suggested the Lettered Cottage. She checked them out and was hooked (just like me). So she booked them, and they're coming in December!

I'm so excited - I can't wait!

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  1. Kristy- That is awesome :) I do like them too!


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