adding shelves to the closet.

Otherwise known as: My Valentine's Day rocked because I got to use power tools!

My parents came to visit for a couple of days this weekend, so I asked Dad to help me build some shelves to organize my hall closet.

First, the before, in all its disorganized glory:

This closet sits in the short hallway just before the bathroom (hence the angled pictures - there is just no way to get a full head-on shot). I use this closet for all sorts of things - bath linens and toiletries, cleaning supplies, tools, and other general storage. I realized a while ago that I needed more shelf space than hanging space, so I added wire storage cubes, similar to this:

(photo from

Unfortunately, though this did add a lot more storage space, it also added some new problems. The unit blocked some of the wooden shelves that were built into the left side of the closet, so it was difficult to get to them. There also wasn't a lot of space left on the right, for the few things that I don't want on shelves, like brooms, an ironing board, and my vacuum cleaner.

Also, because the shelves aren't solid, smaller items rarely sat flat, making the whole thing look disorganized. Dust and dog hair were always getting trapped between the bottom grid piece and the floor, and there was still wasted space above the unit, space I knew I could use better.

And finally, though the sliding doors kept the contents of the closet hidden from view, they were also cumbersome. (Generally, I think that closet doors only work if they open out and don't come with a center support - otherwise, they're just in the way.)

So, with Dad's help and guidance, I set out to make the space work the way I really needed it to. I removed the doors and emptied the closet. We added five deep shelves to the left-hand side, removed the old closet rod and replaced it with a smaller version, and added a pegboard to the right-hand wall for storing brooms and such.
Here's what it looks like now, unfinished:

Stay tuned for a more detailed post on how exactly the shelves were created, and then once I have everything primed, painted, and restocked, I'll share the after photos.

In the meantime, check out more diy projects at DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land.


  1. Nice! I LOVE shelves! So cool that you're doing it yourself. Can't wait to see the finshed pictures!

  2. i can't wait to see the finished product!prind

  3. Great job--that will make your space a lot more usable.

    ~ Sarah

  4. You will really enjoy having those shelves. Nice of your dad to help you out.

    I just added shelves to my closet and it sure makes a big difference!

    I'll be sure to check back to see the finished project.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  5. I love that you can use power tools!

  6. It's looking GREAT so far! I need to just bite the bullet and do this in my hall closet, too!


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