quick takes.

--- 1 ---

Lots of little things running around my head lately, hence the format of this post (modeled after 7 Quick Takes Friday at Conversion Diary, though I'm not making this a regular thing, not linking up, and not even listing 7 things. Maybe. We'll see.

-- 2 --

Speaking of Conversion Diary, its the blog of a woman who converted to Catholicism from atheism, and it makes for a pretty interesting read. Even if you're not Catholic. This post is my favorite.

-- 3 --

It occurred to me this week that whenever I do blog every day for a month (goal #13 for 2010), the two people who actually read this blog are going to be bored out of their minds. Because I'm just not sure I can come up with something interesting to say every day for a month.

-- 4 --

Speaking of goals (is it weird how my brain is so linear?), my tv fast has been an epic failure. Witness the fact that I'm actually typing this in front of the TV.

-- 5 --

I'm so glad I don't live in Frederick this winter! Though I do love how blue the sky is after a snowfall. My sisters have posted videos and photos to Facebook - my favorites:

My brother climbing the snow mountain with trash bags on his feet
(aka "Bailey is the smartest one of the bunch")
Lexie chasing her ball
(aka "I could be a sled dog!")

Appropriately named Snowmaggedon 2 (Kelli's photo)

Baltimore's Inner Harbor, partly frozen (Kelli's photo)

-- 6 --

My parents are coming to visit this weekend (they made it out of Frederick before Tuesday's blizzard), and I'm excited to hang out with them, but I'm also excited because my dad and I are going to build custom shelves in my hall closet (part of goal #8), and because he's bringing some of his power tools!

-- 7 --

That's it.

Oh, look, I did do 7!

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  1. My parents live in Southern Maryland/sister in DC...too much snow.


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