Enjoying summer

I need to find ways to enjoy summer more. Mostly, I think this means being outside every opportunity that I get. I read an article about this today, although the article had more suggestions for eating in your backyard than anything else. As I don't have a backyard, this doesn't apply to me.

But yesterday, I went to the library and spent the evening reading, inside. It occurs to me that it would be fun to do this outside, and yet, I need to find a way to be with Dakota at the same time.

Sometime last year, I talked to my grandmother about using her fenced-in yard as a place for Dakota to run off-leash a little bit. She's basically okay with it, assuming the neighbors don't complain (and really, why would they?). However, I need to either find or buy a board that I can use to block off the back portion of her yard, as it isn't completely enclosed.

I'm thinking this needs to be more of a priority. And since I have very few specific plans for the weekend, it sounds like a good time to do it.

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