Embracing wonder

Blue like Jazz, by Donald Miller, is one of those books that's had such a great impact on my life, that I feel the need to re-read periodically. I learned a lot the first time, but I feel like there's so much good stuff in there, I feel like I can tap into it better if I read it again.

Last I started reading the chapter on worship, and mostly the chapter on worship is about wonder. It's about how it makes sense that there are things we don't understand about God. And if we truly understood the fullness of God, the fullness of all He is, wouldn't we be God ourselves? We need wonder. We need to know there's something bigger than us, there's someone who has it figured out when we don't.

And so I've decided, I'm embracing wonder. Instead of shying away from the fact that I don't understand everything about God, instead of thinking it's a cop out to say that to other people (especially non-Christians), I've decided I'm going to take hold of it. I'm going to hold on to it, and revel in the fact that God is bigger than I am.

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