The wedding and a weekend in Rochester

James and Bethany's wedding was this weekend in Rochester, and it was hands-down the most fun I've ever had at a wedding. Part of this was probably because I was in it, and there were so many good friends who were there, too.

It's hard, because although I am so incredibly happy for them, weddings just tend to resonate in me how much I want that for myself. Plus, it's kind of weird to come back to normal life.

But Bethany was absolutely beautiful, and both the ceremony and reception were so them. I hope my wedding is like that - the kind that has my personal stamp on it.

I miss Beth, though. I know they need the week away to themselves, to start their marriage, but this weekend was such a major life event for her (and emotional for me, too) that it's weird not to be able to process that with her. At least not yet.

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