It's Monday, and I wish I could crawl back into bed

I woke up today with a killer headache and an unsettled stomach. I took two Aleve, which has reduced the sharp pain in my head into a dull ache. I shouldn't have come into work today, but I don't have much sick leave left. Plus, if this is anything like the illness that Mom's been dealing with, I have several more days to go.

I ate something for lunch today, but now I'm regretting that decision. I thought not eating anything would be the worse of two, but I was wrong.

Tonight we have Club, after having last week off because Brad was on vacation. We might end up playing ultimate frisbee, depending on how many people are there, and I can't imagine the idea of running around at this moment. It's taking most of my energy to lift my head off the back of my chair.

I'm headed home to rest, and maybe take a short nap, before Club.

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