The office project. Again.

Katie came over last night to help me set up the bed in my guest room and move my new desk into my office. We moved a few other things around, too, and I'm hoping this will be the kickstart I need to really get my office finished. It's not that much work, really, if I would just get off my butt and work on it. Not that I worked on it for very long after she left.

She brought Jacob with her, who fell asleep in the car and woke up the second she layed him on the sofa. When he wasn't asking us to go "all the way downstairs" to dance to the music I was playing through my DVD player, he was climbing up on his pirate ship (otherwise known as the bed we were trying to set up) and looking through his spyglass (otherwise known as a roll of wrapping paper). I love his imagination - I think my conversations with him are usually the best ones I have all day.

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