creating again.

Its been a while since I made jewelry, not because I don't enjoy it, but because it was a lot of work to get out everything I needed, and often dangerous with a new foster dog that likes to chew everything.

And, I think I bought too much stuff, and got a little too overwhelmed with possibilities.

But this is the time of year that I start thinking in earnest about Christmas presents, and as I have a rule about finishing all crafting for gifts by the first of December, I knew I needed to get started if I really wanted to get all the gifts I had in mind finished.

Here are two of the most recent projects, both charm bracelets. Please keep in mind that it is extremely difficult to photograph jewelry - I've yet to figure out a way to do it that really shows well.

This first bracelet is a Christmas gift for Ally, my sister's boyfriend's daughter. She's 10 years old and love girly things - hence the pink and purple, and the butterflies and flowers.

I created this bracelet as a thank-you gift for my friend Bethany's parents, for hosting us at their lake house for Labor Day weekend. I tried to personalize it with charms that fit Beth's mom - family, faith, boating, and quilting. Several of the charms are from Charmerz, a great Etsy shop with a huge (and inexpensive!) collection.

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