This is the song we sang at the end of the service today that had me in tears:

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  1. Kristy,
    It sounds like your paint just isn't adhering to the lids. Metal can be a tricky surface for painting. First make sure the lids are cleaned really well. Any oil from food or even your hands can make it so the paint won't stick. Then try sanding them first with a medium grit paper, just enough to roughen up the surface. The rougher surface give the paint something the stick to. You can do it by hand, no need for a power tool. A coat of primer also helps with the bonding of the paint. Next, give it two coats of paint, then wait 24 hours for it to cure before use. You've probably had better luck with other metal projects because the original finish wasn't as slick as the baby food jar lids, or you didn't handle them as much.
    Hopefully, with the few added steps, you'll have better luck!
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