knowing his will.

I've been thinking a lot lately about vision and God's will, partly because this is the topic Nick is currently doing at the Bridge. I read this post yesterday, by Brian Seay. I don't know anything about him, except that he was recently in the Dominican Republic, checking out the work that Compassion International is doing there.

Here's part of what he said:

"...I realized that the whole “God’s Will” thing was maybe something we just made too complicated.

For my life it is the simple revelation that God’s will is most often found when need and ability collide.

It is definitely true that we, as individuals, cannot solve every issue that we learn about or we are faced with. But it is also true that each of us has the ability to do something - it does not have to be everything - but we can do something. I think we get overwhelmed with the seemingly endless road of needs and assume we can’t do anything to make a difference on that road. We do this without ever assessing our own abilities and taking a look at what WE CAN do."

One commenter posted this quote (author unknown, at least to me) as a reply, and I've been thinking about it since I read it.

"Whatever passion you have; whatever burdens your heart and weighs on your mind; whatever gets your excited and revs up your soul. Do it. This is the will of God in your life. Because if you are fully submitted to Him (a daily choice) and you genuinely and whole heartedly seek Him, His face, His heart, and search His word in order to know Him, understand Him, and hear Him… then do what you want. Because if what you want is God, then He has placed in you those specific desires and passions. If you are fully surrendered to Him and He has full reign in your heart, then follow your heart; because in following your heart, you are following Him."

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  1. that's great stuff to think you've got me thinking. a book i would recommend that is right on the same topic is "if you want to walk on water, you've got to get out of the boat" by john ortberg. its a good read and has me thinking about God's will for me.


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