the russia adventure, day 8.

Friday was even more low-key than Thursday. Iris and JB planned a family movie night (which basically means a movie and pizza sitting on the floor). And during the day, we mostly packed for Moscow, and JB and Iris made plans for their upcoming year-long home assignment.

So, since we didn't do anything particularly interesting, I thought I'd show you some pictures of JB and Iris's apartment. Some of these are photos of theirs, so if you've ever read Iris's blog, some of these might look familiar.

(The single bathroom is actually two separate rooms. One
has the toilet, the other has the bathtub/shower,
sink, and washing machine. The dryer is in their bedroom closet.)

(This actually isn't so bad, except the tiny space you see
between the sink and the edge of the washing machine
(in the bottom right hand corner) is all the room you
have to get dressed after your shower, in the steamed
up bathroom. I'm continually impressed by
how much stuff Iris can fit in a small space).

(This is the other side of the sink bathroom - not because
its big, but because its too tight to take just one photo).

The other things I wanted to show you, from their apartment, is some of the hand-crafted stuff that JB has built.

(For this,, he cut slats out of folding screens
and replaced them with photo frames.)

(This is a cabinet they use to store DVDs. Each photo
frame can be unlatched and lifted up to get to
the shelves underneath. Pretty neat idea, huh?)

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