21 in 2010.

I've been thinking about my 2010 goals, and am finally ready to post them. I'm not sure why, but it was a lot harder to come up with this year's list than last year's.
  1. Win my family's Biggest Loser competition (starts January 6 and runs for 16 weeks).
  2. Run a 5K.
  3. Take Dakota to the beach.
  4. Clean out the garage.
  5. Try 5 new fruits or vegetables.
  6. Refinish the living room dresser.
  7. Walk the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.
  8. Organize the hall closet.
  9. Grow something.
  10. Visit another continent.
  11. Read through the New Testament.
  12. See a Grand Illumination.
  13. For one month, watch only one hour of TV each week.
  14. Try 25 new recipes.
  15. Read 3 non-fiction books.
  16. Become a Court Appointed Special Advocate.
  17. Blog every day for a month.
  18. Give 5 specific, unexpected, anonymous gifts (guess I won't be blogging about this one!)
  19. Go skydiving.
  20. Take a picture a day for a month.
  21. Join the National Marrow Donor registry.
I've changed goal #21.

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  1. One hour of TV a WEEK???? I think I would die!


    I'll run a 5 k with you, but I won't go sky diving...


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