sunday inspiration.

-- 1 --

I'm not a scrapbooker, but I love this idea from Positively Splendid for a mini album made from paint chip cards:

-- 2 --

This is such a simple and straightforward woodworking project - I'm thinking about making one for my bathroom, even though I rarely take baths, but just for the extra shelf space.

(Source: ReadyMade)

-- 3 --

Seriously, how cute is this test tube spice rack? I love the idea. The only thing I'm wondering - you have the store the rest of the spices, somewhere, right?

-- 4 --

My sister and I saw a colored pencil frame like this in a store downtown over Christmas, and I immediately thought I can make that! I took a picture with my phone, then looked up a photo online to save in my inspiration files. There's a good tutorial here.

(Source: Paper Source)

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