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I finally finished painting my living room this weekend (it's been sitting half-finished for a few weeks while other things took precedence). The thing is, I know how much of a difference paint makes, that it is one thing you can do that can completely transform the look of a room. I know this, and even still as I sit on my sofa floating in the middle of the floor, with the rest of the room in absolute chaos to make room for the painting, I'm still amazed and how much more put-together everything looks.

There is still a lot of work to be done - including painting the trim, hopefully in the next few days - but having fully-painted walls makes me want to start thinking about some of the things I want to put on the walls. In particular, I've got two large sections of wall that I want to fill - the wall above the fireplace mantle, and the wall straight in front of you when you enter the room.

Here are some of the large-scale wall art ideas that I've been collecting (from my things to make board on Pinterest):

This is one of my favorites, from The Lettered Cottage. I'm such a huge fan of using words in my house - maybe a set of family rules, or words from a favorite verse or poem. Plus, I like creating things with wood, especially inexpensive pieces.

[Source via Pinterest (exact link unavailable)]

I also like this variation, and could see it with a map or even large flowers.

This next idea was created using a drop cloth - an inexpensive way to make a big impact and another way to use words.

I keep thinking about this one, and I might just go out and buy the stuff to make it sooner. I think it would look great above the fireplace, and could kind of serve as a backdrop to other things.

I've pinned a ton of ideas with maps and map outlines, so I'm thinking at some point I need to create something with one. This one would be pretty time consuming but could look really fantastic.

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