abstract art.

So after we finished the melted crayon art, and while Jacob was working on his own abstract masterpiece, I decided to make something a little abstract of my own.

My favorite colors are blues, especially the ones with a bit of green in them, like aqua, teal, and turquoise (which is why both the kitchen and bathroom are a similar color). So I stuck with those kinds of colors, and just fingerpainted them onto my canvas.

I'm also a big fan of words and quotes and lyrics, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that. This is also part of another goal for the year, to make meaningful art for my house. I used words from the song I Am New by Jason Gray. It's a beautiful song about the things God says about us.

hidden in Christ
made in the image of the Giver of Life

By the way, the video is also excellent, and I love the art is created in it out of junk. Such a great meaning, isn't it?

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