bathroom towel hook.

Though the major part of the bathroom renovation was completed a month ago, I’m still adding little tweaks here and there. One major thing that was missing was a place to hang a hand towel (you can see in the photo below that I just had the towel laying on the edge of the sink).

I really liked the idea of using cabinet or door knobs as a towel hook (like these from The House of Smiths), so I picked up a beautiful glass vintage-looking knob from a quirky little shop in downtown Frederick called Tiara Day. The only problem? How to attach it to the trim (which was already installed), since cabinet knobs screw in from the back.

So, I bought a little wooden plaque from Michaels (?) and painted it the same color white as the trim. I attached the knob, using a countersink bit so the head of the screw would be flush with the back of the plaque. Then I screwed the entire thing into the trim board with a screw that was long enough to go through the plaque, the trim board, the beadboard, and into the wall behind it, countersinking those too. I filled in the screw holes with wood filler, sanded it smooth, the touched up the paint.

I wasn't sure the towel would stay hung on the knob, but it actually works. Someday I’d love to add a ribbon to the towels, so they can be hung more securely and the knob is still on display – but that’s another project for another day!

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