wood shim wall art.

Sometimes I get a bit tired of working on big home improvement projects and I just want to do something small and creative. This was one of those projects - quick and inexpensive.

The idea and instructions for this can be found here: Wood Shim Wall Art from Stephanie at Under The Table and Dreaming

If I were going to make this again, I would do a couple things differently. First, I would stain the plywood backing before adding the shims, because there are a few spots where the wood shims aren't quite butting up against each other and it was difficult to get the stain into those places. I also wish I had sanded a few of the shims that were really rough, just so they would take the stain better.

Right now it's sitting on the mantel above the fireplace and works well as a big backdrop for smaller items. And I really enjoyed the chance to complete something in a single afternoon!

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