family rules.

Since Jacob and I had so much fun at our art day, and since he was working with me on a Mother's Day gift for my mom/his grandma, Mom asked if I wanted to help Jake make a gift for his own mother (my sister). I'm always up for a craft or art project, especially with Jake, so I said yes. It was important to me that Jake got to decide what he wanted to do, so I showed him the ideas I had saved on two Pinterest boards: things to make and art to make with Jacob. I had planned to direct him to a few good ideas, but he jumped on the idea of creating a family rules sign, like this one from etsy (exact source unknown), because he knew his mom was looking for things to hang up in the basement. Here's the finished product, from Katie's blog:

We talked a bit about the best way to make it - how big it should be, what colors we should use, etc. He chose which phrases he wanted to use. I cut and stained the boards, just for the sake of time (so they could dry before he arrived to work on the rest of it). We attached the boards together using two eight-inch mending plates. I drilled the first pilot hole, then let him do the rest, including screwing the mending plates into the wood. He stamped the letters and filled them in a bit where he needed to, then signed this name on the back.

Katie wrote a great write-up of the whole thing here: Mother's Day.

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