finishing what i start.

I love thinking about new projects. I like to browse blogs and Pinterest and magazines, noting ideas that I want to try in my own home. I enjoy figuring out how to actually accomplish it – making plans and buying materials.

What I actually seem to have trouble with is actually finishing those projects. There are already a bunch of things that I’ve started and haven’t finished, or projects where I have the supplies and just need to get going. Just a few days ago I thought of a couple new projects, and had to stop myself from going out to buy the supplies for them.

So, this is my public decoration of a few items that are in the works. I’m hoping that putting them out here will give me accountability to get these things finished before doing anything new. That means you should see posts about some of these things before something that isn’t on this list.

  • Make duvet for master bedroom
  • Create a gallery wall in the dining room
  • Create a memo board to hang over my desk
  • Create chicken fabric art (there’s a really cool story about this one)
  • Make a shutter memo board
  • Convert upstairs tub into a shower
  • Make dining room curtains
  • plus a few other Christmas gifts I can’t talk about here

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