Bedroom floors, part 2

So, there hasn't really been much progress on the floors.

I was hoping to work on them some tonight, since my mom was coming over to help. But, my dad is determined that it's a bad idea to cover up the outlet we found in the floor (the live outlet, previously covered up by the carpet), and has promised to help cut the whole for the outlet. Tomorrow night.

Mom ended up babysitting Jacob (Katie, Mike, Kelli, & Jon went to work out at the Y, and there was no babysitting available), so we couldn't have worked on the floors, anyway, not with an active 2-year-old and a plugged-in circular saw in the same room. Sometimes, I wish she would just say no.

Anyway, I offered to buy Dad dinner for his help tomorrow. He won't be able to do much, just basically cut the pieces that I need, but hopefully I can do a decent job of putting the planks in myself.

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