Bedroom floors, Saturday's update

Dad and Mom came over this morning/afternoon to help me work on the floor. When I started, I really hadn't planned on asking for Dad's help, but he knows so much more than I do about all of the complicated cuts that need to be made around the door jambs. We finished up two of the six, but then Dad was getting tired and started making mistakes. So, we decided to call it a day.

There's room for a couple more rows in the bedroom, which get increasingly more complicated until they finally end at the closet door.

Dad and I aren't both free to work on it again until Wednesday, so I think I'm going to start working at the back wall of the closet. I can do that myself, if I have to, at least up until the door. If that's all we have to do on Wednesday, we just might get it done completely. And, if I can get to Lowe's and pick up the quarter round, and we can get started on that, I might just be done by next weekend. Since that's Bethany's bachelorette party, that would be good.

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