Bedroom floors, update

Dad came over and helped me get some more of the floor done in the bedroom, including cutting the hole for the outlet. He's also going to replace the outlet Saturday, so I can use a regular face plate, and not have to buy a sunken one, that only comes in brass, and then worry about painting it. Though I may end up painting one anyway, to get the color to match.

He was actually more help than I thought - I figured he would do most of the cutting for me, which he did. I had planned to lay the pieces myself, including tapping them into place. This is a tricky thing, since you actually need to put weight on two boards at once, to get them to snap into place. So, Dad walked around with me, just standing where I needed. It was a huge help, and gives me hope that we can move pretty quickly when he and Mom both come over on Saturday, as she can stand where I need and he can cut the boards.

He also said that he doesn't think the angles will be all that hard, since they're all 45-degree angles. If he's right, that will certain make cutting the quarter round easier. The worst part will be the doors, since there are three of them.

I'm hoping to move things around a bit in the next two days - move the work bench to the finished part of the floor and clean up the existing sawdust, then add another roll of underlayment. Depending on the time of day, I might even start the next couple rows, if my back and knees can handle it.

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