quick change.

I bought this entertainment center when I first moved into this house, two years ago.

I love it - its the perfect size, and I think the color is beautiful. There's just one problem.

Harvey was very into chewing things when I first got her, and she chewed these knobs.

Every now and then I think about buying something to replace them, but I never remember that plan when I walk into Home Depot.

But yesterday morning, as I was sitting in my bathroom (don't laugh - I do some of my best thinking there, along with the shower), I realized that this ugly cabinet has big silver knobs that would definitely work on the entertainment center.

I hate this bathroom, and it will only exist as long as it takes me to save up the cash to have it gutted and a new, nicer, bigger bathroom put in its place (with a walk-in closet). So, I stole two of the knobs for the entertainment center.

Not a huge difference, but at least these don't come with teeth marks.

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