My friend Kelly called me today and invited me to join her tomorrow night at a Relient K concert, so I've been listing to their music online all day. You know, so I won't be the only one there who doesn't know their music. This is one of the few songs I do know - I had forgotten about it, but I used to play it almost constantly.

I've been in a kind of funk for the last couple days, feeling like I have tons of stuff that I could do and should do and not getting any of it done. Between being out of town so much recently and being sick this weekend, my house just needed to be cleaned, so today I finally decided to get up off my butt and get to it. Its amazing what a difference it makes - vacuuming takes what, maybe 30 minutes for the whole house? But now I'm getting stuff done, hitting my stride, making plans - there are lots of cool things going on over here.

So, future projects to come - painting Christmas decorations, tweaking light fixtures, and creating wall art for kids' rooms. And hopefully soon I'll get around to posting pictures of my friend Melissa's bridal shower.

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  1. I Looooove Relient K! Have fun :) Are you still playing your Christmas music? I've "caught" JB playing it for the boys when 'I'm not w/in listening range' and saw it on his running playlist... somehow Away in a Manger and Silent Night don't quite motivate ME to run...but I guess if you're the one outside busting your butt in freezing temps your entitled to listen to whatever you want!!!


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