Lately I've been listening to a lot of praise music while I'm doing stuff around the house, getting ready for Catalyst. The problem is, I don't have a ton of praise music CDs, and I was really in the mood for something that I could sing along with.

So, I started listening to my Christmas CDs.

Buying and making Christmas presents already (okay, so I've actually been buying them since August) makes me sound either really organized or just a little quirky, depending on your own personality. Listening to Christmas music at the beginning of October makes me sound a little nuts, so I was just going to keep this to myself.

Until someone else confessed, and then I felt I had to.

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  1. JB actually started with the Christmas music already, as can you resist when it's cold outside and there is actually snow falling??? Christmas music in Oct. is one thing...but we'll actually be decorating early for Christmas this year b/c we have to leave to renew our visas over Thanksgiving- so we'll be decorating right before we leave on Nov 17th!!!- I'm sure people will think we've gone crazy :) !


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