back to monday.

It might sound strange, but I'm glad that Monday is here.

I had a wonderful weekend, full of lots of great stuff to celebrate Easter, but its also been a busy week. I'm ready to get my house back in order and start working again on a few of the projects I have on my list. Then, this coming weekend, I'll be heading to Frederick to hang out with family (my kid brother is home from college this week) and celebrate my cousin's wedding.

The church Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success. Most everything ran incredibly smooth, with just a few minor hiccups we'll make note of for next year. We had almost 50 kids come out, plus their parents. We gave away lots of candy and hot dogs, and the forecasted rain stayed away until the second (literally) that I got in my car to leave at the end of the day. (I'll post pictures later this week).

And, our Easter service was fantastic. Worship was a blast, Nick did a great job on the sermon, the church was soooo full, and Bridge Kids had three brand new kids.

On my schedule for today - clean up the kitchen, do some serious laundry, and get started on fixing up a thrift store chair for use in my office/guest room. Plus, you know, work.

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