I've been talking about going to a spinning class for a few weeks, and today I finally did it. We spent the first hour on the bike, and then 30 minutes doing some strength training.

(By the way, this takes care of #14 on my 2009 goals list).

The first part was great - hard work and my butt is killing me, but I still liked it. I didn't feel I was so far behind everyone else that I couldn't keep up (which was something I was worried about), but it was also challenging enough that I can see plenty of places to grow.

The second part...not so much fun. I have a lot of trouble doing ab work, because I can't figure out if I'm having trouble because of the back surgery I had when I was 13 (the lower half of my body just does not bend) or because I'm out of shape. And then, when we were raising weight bars over our heads to work our triceps, I got dizzy and had to stop for a while. I was embarrassed, but the instructor was great.

I'm planning to go back - hopefully next time won't be as bad.

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  1. i've always thought that spinning looks like fun. good luck with that.

    thanks for the house comments :) we're excited about the move. the house has an amazing view, i htink the long winters will be worth it. they actually don't get a ton more snow than west michigan, it just sticks around longer.


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