My sister Katie and my nephew Jacob are here visiting the weekend, and one of the two things Jacob wanted to do was ride the ferry. We had planned to just do it was a round trip tonight, but it was late when we got to the landing, and pretty cool and windy. And, we hadn't brought jackets. So we asked Jacob if we could plan to ride the ferry tomorrow, and he looked so disappointed he was about to cry. Katie leaned down to whisper something to him, and he cheered right up and said, "Okay, let's go."

Me: What did you say to him?
Katie: I told him that if we could wait and ride the ferry tomorrow, I would take him to Walmart and he could pick out a new toy.
Me: So you bribed him?
Katie: Yep.
Me: That's funny - I was going to suggest going to Sonic for ice cream if you hadn't said something.
Katie: That's what we do, we bribe with food or toys.
Me: Yep, and that's why we're all poor and fat.

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