before and after.

I thought I'd share a few before and after photos of recent spray-paint projects.

(Before - Bedroom Dresser. I already started removing the door and one of the drawer knobs.)

This dresser was my mom's baby dresser. I first took it with me to college, and then painted it white and added the stencils when I lived in Chicago. It was the first time I had ever attempted refinishing anything, and while it looked okay, there were definitely some mistakes.

(After - Bedroom Dresser)

I love how it looks now, and I love the way it looks in my room. I used spray paint to prime and paint it, and replaced the knobs with "vintage-like" knobs I found on Ebay. I've considered doing something more to the door, maybe something like this, but I'm not sure yet.

I found both of these at Ross, at different times. I was saving the white tote as a gift holder, until I was rearranging my office and jewelry supplies and realized it was the perfect size to hold all my current jewelry projects. I use the blue file holder to store the stuff I need to keep on the top of my desk.

Even though I liked the original blue color, it just didn't really work with the other colors in my office.

With this one, too, I liked the original color, but it just didn't work with the other things on my bookcase (where this now lives). I like to use different things I find to store items, whatever is cheap and fits the stuff it needs to store, but I think all of it works better together when its the same color.

I heard a designer once say that every room needs at least a little bit of black in it, to ground it, so its an easy choice for color. Plus I almost always have black spray paint laying around.

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