Its overwhelming, isn't it? Every time I see the photos and videos of the immense destruction, or read the stories, I feel nearly paralyzed.

There are so many relief efforts, so many people trying desperately to get in there to provide all kinds of help. I can hardly begin to imagine that madness and mayhem that must exist there.

Yet even in the midst of all this, there is hope.

My friend Robbie is part of a FEMA team that has been working to find and free trapped survivors for the last week. And as I read the stories and watch the videos of those rescues, I'm overwhelmed in a different way.

Because those are lives that he's helping to save. Me, I walk around in my safe little world, praying that by the grace of God I might make a difference even in a small way, and Robbie and his team are literally making a life-or-death difference. And even though it feels way to cheesy to say this out loud, I'm so proud of him and overcome by the work that he's doing that, and the sacrifices he's making, that my eyes tear up.

And still, there's an even greater to reason to hope. The only Hope of the world.

Who was not taken off guard by Haiti's earthquake, even as we were. Who is solid and constant, trustworthy and true, never-changing and forever-lasting. Who stays even when others have fallen away. And who loves the people of Haiti so much that he made the greatest possible sacrifice to save them.

He alone always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

And he alone can bring beauty from ashes.

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