saturday update.

I always get so much more done on the weekends than I do during the week. At least in terms of projects around the house.

I'm still working on my new jewelry holder - its just taking a while to get it primed and painted.

I finished the chalkboard tags and love the way they look on the baskets in my living room bookcase. Best of all, I already had everything I needed, so I didn't spend any money.

The wood box is mostly sanded, but you can still see some of the old stain color coming through, so I need to go over a bit more. The process is much quicker with my electric sander, but I'm not looking forward to cleaning up the sawdust again.

I also spray painted two wooden letters I already had, to add as decorations for my bookshelves (I cleaned out a ton of books and now have some empty space to fill).

So...progress made. I'm getting there!

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