the stable floor.

The fullness of time had come!
The Savior would be born!

Joseph and Mary, at the crowded inn,
sought provision of their urgent need,
and what they heard would try
the strongest faith. There was no room -
but a stable lay nearby.

(In that large, mingled crowd could
one have said, “Come, take my room
and I will take the stable floor?”)

As night wore one, the weary travelers
found comfort in their resting place.

And Mary? Was it some clean-swept space
with pad of straw, where she labored through
her deepening night to bring forth
the Savior of a needy, sin-scarred world?

Times have not changed.
Exigencies still come; the crowds still flow.
And there will always be the ones who search
for peace, but make no room for God.
While others choose the hallowed walk
of faith, and will graciously accept earth’s
lowly “stable floors” – if God so wills –
that the Savior may be born anew
in hearts throughout the world.

- Velma D. Collins, The Stable Floor

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